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Friday, 12th July 2019

Qserver review and why you buy web hosting from qserver
Qservers is a company known for its outstanding functionality in web hosting and domain registration in Nigeria.
Currently in Nigeria Qservers is serving over 30,000 customers and counting. With its outstanding uptime and customer support, Qservers has actually taken a high lead in domain name registration and web hosting services in Nigeria.
Many webmasters and newbie in Nigeria have chosen Qservers based on its reviews across the net of which we are not exceptional.
Qservers was founded in December 2004 by Seun Kehinde and ever since then, Qservers has grown steady service delivering exceptional service through its perfect combination of technical capabilities, commitment to their customers and affordable web hosting options.
However, this article is to give you some of the information you needed to know if you want to choose Qservers for your website business. We have actually tested Qservers on one of our websites and for sure we came up with this review as a testimony of the offer and services we enjoyed from Qservers.
In this review we have come up with most of the amazing pros and cons you will encounter if you partner with Qservers and as well from it determine if you will also love what many of us are already enjoying. However, if you have a better suggestion and fell like helping the readers you can as well help us by adding it in the comment section below.
1. Jaw dropping uptime:
Uptime is the amount of time that a website has to stay be available for it to be accessed by your users for the maximum number of days that you host the website.
However, uptime can be checked on any bases such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly. In this aspect of Qservers web hosting, its uptime conduct by some group technicians in our company in one of our various websites proved that Qservers for a period of two months proved that Qservers web hosting certainly has 100 per cent uptime during this period of time. So with that in mind, we assumed that Qservers web hosting services are very good and giving them an average of 99.99% uptime is, of course, the perfect thing in that review.
As a website owner uptime is one of the greatest things to consider before choosing a web hosting provider.
Qserver is as well very sure of themselves as they keep adding more advanced technology into their company to ensure that their customers get the maximum services they want. Some other hosting providers which I won't mention here have as well proving to be far below this uptime we experience in Qservers.
2. Speed
After uptime test, the next thing that should come to your mind is the speed of the servers. As a developer an I have worked with many web hosting and not only that, we also have what is called a local host. It is certain that the speed of these web hosting platforms does have some slight differences which may be very negligible without a proper test.
I have come to conclude that the test for speed on Qservers web hosting is good and it is even far better to some of the other web hostings I have worked with. Though, not the best but it is among the best.
The need for speed test comes because Google tends to demote websites that stay too long to load due to the fact that it doesn't promote good user experience.
Fortunately, Qserers websites under normal website development will load within 3secs which is very much okay and support the good user experience. However, if your website is poorly developed you have yourself to sort out so to get a good and responsive website you can contact us and we will do the stuff for you.
3. Control Panel Cpanel

Qservers web hosting service providers have added out of the box the most beautiful panel Cpanel I have ever used. With just purchasing web hosting service from Qservers you have access to a control panel where you will be able to manage virtually anything in your website.
Qservers cPanel comes with an extensive list of tools that will assist webmasters and alike to create their sites and indeed improve on them. Content Management Systems such as Joomla and Drupal are on offer. Of course, WordPress is also available too. Forum software such as phpBB and SMF are all part of the package plus so much more to expect from their rich cPanel. Above all, it is user-friendly
Advantages of Qservers cPanel:
Qservers web hosting cPanel offers its users the following functionality out of the box:
Easy to use, friendly User interface (UI).
Website building tools included
Easily install SSL on your website.
Publish your website easily.
Create new email accounts easily
Easily create and manage databases
4. Reliable customer support:
This aspect of Qservers has indeed made them stand out from others. After some of the good website requirements this offer really motivated me to write this review because they have been so good to us even over minor issues which we should have been able to sort out, they will still provide a solution whenever we contact them.
I have to personally say that their customer service personnel are well trained and equipped such that they don’t keep customers waiting even in midnight.
My test of Qservers customer support was impressive and there is a huge knowledge base for sorting out most problems. Everything from setup to troubleshooting is included, leaving support reserved for rare problems.
5. Cheap hosting
Qservers web hosting is very cheap. With at least #3,500 you will get a web hosting for one year. This price is really inexpensive compared to what you can get elsewhere.
6. Frees SSL Secure Sockets Layer
Qservers offers its users a onetime free SSL upon domain name registration and purchase of web hosting from them.
SSL is a vital component of a successful online business. At the front end, this is the tool responsible for changing the HTTP in front of your website address into an HTTPS with the green padlock icon. This feature is not only important for your website to run but it is a must-have if you want users to use your website. Without this feature in your website, users will see a warning by Google telling them that your website is not secure and if that happens in your website, sure enough, nobody will seem to trust your business.
SSL is also providing a secure, encrypted link between a user’s web browser and the server hosting your website. This means that when private customer data such as their financial information is collected on your website, it passes to the server in such a way that it can only be read by the intended recipient, and isn’t susceptible to hacking attacks or other security vulnerabilities.
Qservers have a lot of other beautiful features which you will have to enjoy if you partner with them the ones listed above are those which are preeminent to having a good website so feel free to try out Qservers web hosting and domain name registration services here.
Cons of Qservers.
The following are the limitations you will likely encounter when using Qservers
1. You have to manually backup your data at your own will.

2. Refund policy is limited to some method of payment and they can decide not to pay at all
The following methods of payments are non-refundable (Bank Wire Transfers, InterSwitch Debit Cards, Cheque’s), and if at all, they want to refunds, it will be posted as credit to the hosting account
3. The use of more than 50,000 inodes on any shared account may potentially result in suspension.
4. No support for Resellers hosting
Now that you have seen few reasons you should use Qservers go ahead and use it and if you encounter any challenge contact the support and if you still have anything you want us to discuss please use the comment section below and we will get back to you.

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