Verified 6 steps to make 100k in 30days in Nigeria

Tuesday, 30th July 2019

Are you interested in making your first 100k as a Nigerian? If YES, here is a complete hassle-free guide on how you can generate at least 100k per month online sitting at the comfort of your home.

Okay, so we have provided you with two business ideas that will fetch you an unlimited income online while you are sitting at the comfort of your home.

In this article, you will see the complete guide on how you can make 100k in a month even if you are a newbie.

Making money legitimately involves having something you can give out to others which in turn brings back money to you. In this case, even if others have been doing that you too can still do it because the world is in the constant increase and keep needing the service of everyone.

I got to know about this kind of business since 2015  but the fact is that I don’t have money and to worsen the case I said to myself that its all everyday jargon, which people use to enrich themselves while extorting money from newbies.

Then I quickly forget about it hoping not to waste my money on any bulshit. But later in 2018, I had a friend of mine who talked about this same business with me and how one of his friends is killing dollars from the business but he is not interested. He also went ahead and give me some links to check out which by that time my mind is beginning to embrace the business so I reluctantly discard the message because the link was sent to me via WhatsApp. After some months I decided to have a check on our formal conversation and then I got across the link which I decided to at lease see what is there and having it fully on my mind that I won't dare do any sort of rubbish so that I don’t get scammed.

When I now opened the website I was so amazed by what I saw. That was when I now went chatted the guy up concerning the business and he was like, I know you will like it if you see what is there.

So I asked him what I can do to go about the business but then replied to me that he doesn’t know much about it because he is not into that.

He then said that he will connect me with the person who is already in the business and that was how everything clicked off.

Another thing that nearly drew me back was when the guy now requested me to pay whopping 10k for the training. I was like how can be making this amount and as well be asking me to pay a ridiculous amount of 10k just to get the knowledge and then I pleaded with him and he interested 5k. that was when he now send me everything on how I can start ranging from videos, articles and well constant replies to all my questions.

So from there, I started the business and by the grace of God, I was able to make 50k that month because I had little capital and as well not much experience.

But today I want you to count yourself so lucky to be reading this article to this. And by being able to read it to this stage means that you must make at lease 100k withing the next30 days.

I have summarized all that is in the course which I took for 5k and as well assure you that by following it you will have a good result. But if along the way you had any challenge just drop a comment on this article and I will get back to you.


 I tagged this lesson how to make 100k in 30 days because of it worth it even thou I was able to make just 50k at a start.

Now, you must have heard about mini importation which everyone is talking about from one place to another. This business is really hot in such that it does yield more than 200% on every investment. I started this business with a total of 20k and by today I am very grateful to that my friend who instinct it to my medulla and as well my honourable mentor who ensures that I see profit even before that month-end.

The below steps are exactly what I took after having completed the lesson.


The steps involve selling of products and it was all easy and automated because I have gotten the right knowledge.

  1. Through the help of my mentor, I was able to source a very good hot selling product form the popular mini importation website which is
  2. I placed the order and after payment have been completed I got my goods in Nigeria within 5days.
  3. I then went to the shipping company I used and clear my goods with little cash and after that, the marketing begins.
  4. After the marketing of the goods that cost me total 20k to buy I was able to have 40k within two.
  5. And finally I made my second order and within the week runs out I was able to actualize my first 50k.

Now let me explain each step for you so that you don’t take it to be too easy or too weight.

STEP 1: Sourcing of goods from is a popular Chinese website where goods are being sold at a very cheap rate. You can buy directly from suppliers and as well you can buy through an agent. I was able to buy from suppliers and it was way too cheaper.

Step 2: place an order:

Payment of goods bought in is through an agent. This is because the website does not accept our Nigerian currency. They use Chinese yuan for all their transaction and before you make a payment you must do that through an agent.

So from the lesson, I got from my mentor I was able to get a good agent who helped me to process the payment and my goods were sent to the shipping agent which I have chosen.

Then within 5dasy, my goods are already in Nigeria.

Clearing of goods in Nigeria: With my valid Id I went to the shipping company and everything was delivered to me and it comes s to selling of the goods.

Step 3: Selling of the goos:

This is the area you must pay more attention to because of you can source for good products, order the products and do everything but can't sell it, it will always remain cold in your hand and you will not even know what to do.

So for the products to be sold I have to spend another money and do the advertising as I was advised by my mentor.

I have to run facebook advert and from there I was surprised on how I was able to finish the product within on one week and the next week I placed my second order and by this time now I have gotten my own experience and I no longer depend on my mentor for much help. That was how I began selling my goods whenever I order and everything has been going smoothly.

This information I shared here is kept secrete by major of those guys doing these and will only be shared to those who paid them money.

I'm sharing it because it is very important and if you want to start mini importation and needs some again contact for payment and shipping feel free to chat me on WhatsApp and I can help you with directions and give you the contact of the trusted agents for anything concerning mini importation from China.

The summary of how you can make 100k in a month now goes thus

  1. Set up a sales funnel such as a simple website. If you don’t have a website you can contact me and I will design a very good sales funnel for you at an affordable price.
  2. If you are on a low budget you can use your facebook page but I won’t look all that professional.
  3. Set up a Facebook and Instagram page to represent your niche. This is the niche of the product you want to import.
  4. In that of your chosen niche research for a hot product that has a problem-solving value. A very good example is a health product or a gadget like a car scanner
  5.  Get videos of the product. This is the video that will explain briefly how to use it and its value to human life.
  6.  Set up a sales page just one page with an order form).
  7.  Run Ads (using the video) to the page via FB or IG, using the right targeting options.
  8. The more people your Ad can reach, the higher your chances of hitting your target.

Read more on how to run successful Facebook adverts.

If you have followed these seven simple strategies you will be able to make at least 50k within the first two weeks depending on your budget and effort.

Now that you have done that, once orders begin to come in, log on to Alibaba, Aliexpress or 1688 to import more of the products and sell.

Once your Ad is performing well, duplicate it and increase your budget. You can also offer an upsell.

What more? RETARGET.

When you retarget, a higher percentage of those who saw your ad but did not take any action the first time would be moved to purchase when your Ad begins to follow them around Social Media.


  • Those who viewed your sales page.
  • Those who watched as little as 3 secs of your video.
  • Those who watched 25% or 75% of your video.

That’s all and I wish you success and hope to hear you share your testimony very soon. If you have any question feel free to add it in the comment box below and I will be glad to attend to you

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