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25th Nov, 2022

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This opportunity is being there for a long, but not everyone is doing it due to the fact that the profit is not that too much, but if you are a patient someone who does not want to waste too much time on the screen opening and closing trade this is a sure thing which you should never have fear of losing any cent from your investment and rather it is 100% assured that you’ll always be getting profit.


I got to know about this from my Canadian client, who pays me using crypto. So after a successful job done for him he decided to share this with me and encouraged me to start with at least $20. Without any delay, I started that with $20, and that really assured me rest of mind as the market fluctuates and I'm assured of earning in every direction.


With that, i just log into my Binance account on different occasions to view the performance, and in five days the $20 has increased to $28. That is quite small but it's worth it. I did not waste any time on the trade nor did I have to be emotional about losing my money or being in a hurry to take a profit at different intervals.


However, this is still risky as you can still lose all your funds if you didn’t set the parameter very well or you didn’t enter the trade at positions that will guarantee you to always be in profit.


If you have not traded futures before this may not be a good start as you need to study the market very well and understand the risks involved before you invest your hard-earned money.


The steps involved include

  1. Choose the pair you want to trade that have BUSD and USDT pair available on Binance

  2. Study the market 

  3. Analyze the market swings using your knowledge of Technical Analysis

  4. The highest leverage you should use is 20x because BUSD pairs have a maximum of 20x leverage

  5. The minimum amount needed to open a number of the grid is always different for both long and short positions.

  6. Set your limit parameters to know the highest amount needed for both long and short position 

  7. Make the grid 0.8% to 3% profit per grid. Either Arithmetic or Geometric grid. You can choose anything more suitable for your market.

  8. LONG USDT pair

  9. SHORT BUSD pair

  10. Go to the futures grid setting for the USDT pair, and set a limit order at a point that you think is nice. Taking note of the minimum amount needed to open the position with the highest minimum amount.

  11. Go to the futures grid setting for the BUSD and set a limit short order setting the entering point at a point slightly above the one you just for the USDT pair. 

  12. If you are scared of one picking without the order you can try to let it match the same price. However, the price of BUSD and USDT is slightly different on Binance but that should not be a problem as crypto swings are always enough to pick any trade set at the approximately same price in USDT and BUSD.

  13. Once you have set the limit, make sure you have at least (100% of the amount you used to open one trade ) extra amount left in your account,  otherwise, a slight unexpected change will wipe your balance :(

  14. Once the market opens monitor it and as it goes up and you’ll be making profits.

  15. The more you invest the higher you'll be making. 

Trade Judiciously

If you do not have a Binance account you can sign up with my affiliate link below and start learning about crypto.


The earlier you start the better


Before you trade be sure you understand all risks involved otherwise you might not be happy to see the risk as it happens unaware.


Make some studies on technical analysis and have more fun trading


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