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2nd Apr, 2019

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It’s really a great thing to be a web developer because you will be able to set up a simple web page and as well know those secrete behind web pages when you visit it.

Now that you are curious about being able to make a website let me shown the things you must know in order to make that desire come true.


Choose What Platform Your Site Is Going To Be Built On.

The first thing you need to do is choose what website platform to build your website on. There are many different CMS (content management systems) to choose from and choosing the right platform is a top priority. You don’t want to start building your site on a CMS platform to find out that it’s not going to serve your purpose.

Building out your own website with your custom designs is quite easy actually, even for a complete novice who hasn’t had very much experience with computers. But you can get into a problem if you don’t get the necessary advice and know the optimum strategy to follow.

Some of the prerequisite strategies are covered in step two. Each platform has its own strategy and some platforms require you to know a little bit of HTML / CSS or other coding languages, so you really need to decide where you are at in terms of website building ability. If you are a beginner then you would be best to choose to contact a developer to like us or you can go with WordPress but using CMS like WordPress will not give you all the necessary features you might love. And again if you intend learning to code yourself keep reading to see my recommendations.


Now that you have seen two possible strategies to make a website, that is by using CMS or by contacting a developer if you can’t code by yourself.

For me I prefer you to choose the latter option which is by using custom code. This is because a website is what will represent you online and you must be able to add all the necessary custom designs you want your audience to see.

Things you need to know to be able to design your custom website

The following are what you need to learn to get you started as a web developer. It’s arranged in the order in which you should master it.

We have an in-depth tutorial on each of the languages and you are advised to check it out in order to master each course perfectly

·       HTML

·       CSS

·       JavaScript

·       Any ONE backend language like

PHP, JavaScript (with Node.js framework), Ruby, Python, Java, etc.

1.   HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

A very easy and straight forward markup language that allows you to put a website layout and skeleton together. Html is the structure and layout of web pages. It’s like a skeleton at which other web languages depend to be able to be visible on the browser.

2.   CSS (Cascading style sheets)

CSS is used to enhance the look of the web page. CSS is applied to the HTML. CSS makes your website look beautiful and professional + allows for advanced layouts.

With HTML and CSS alone, you can build a simple static website - Perfect for small businesses.

Take a look at our CSS tutorials

3.   JavaScript

JavaScript can help you really kick it up a notch. With JavaScript, you can add, fancy effects and behaviour to your website. Like adding a popup, slide shows, scroll effects, animation, form submission or Ajax page loads to name a few.

With the full knowledge of JavaScript, you are already a modern web developer.

JavaScript is a programming language. It can be used to manipulate both HTML and CSS, whereas HTML and CSS is not a programming language and can only be used for static purposes.

4.   Back-end language like PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, JAVA etc. to add the data engine behind the website.

The back end of a website is the part of the website that users don’t have access to nut it’s the brain behind how data is handled on the website. It serves the purposes of storing information to be rendered by HTML and CSS.

This information can only be served when a user request for it by visiting the webs page. They do not have any visual aspect but they connect with data.  Like this post you are reading now is stored in a database and only retrieved when someone visits this specific URL


You must learn HTML and CSS to build a static website.

You can learn JavaScript to make cutting edge professional websites for modern development.

Add any Back-end language like PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, JAVA etc. to add the data engine behind the website.


That’s is for the lesson and if you like what you just read share it with others. 

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