The coolest way to get your IP address and location

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17th Dec, 2020

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There are a lot of ways one can get his IP address on the go. These all involve visiting a particular website to see your IP address and location but some of them get stuck with much things to distract users while some are not just user friendly.

After some reviews of these, I came up with this best solution. This is the website that just dedicates its service to displaying IP address of users which means that you dint have to go and start clicking one link or the order and no sign up required. You just have to visit the popular and the only thein you can see is your IP address and your location.

It is mainly for this purpose.

For some of us that love surfing the net with VPN this is a very cool place to visit anytime, you want to confirm that the VPN strictly lock pour location to our preferred country.

The website is the eyep is pronounced IP so as the name sounds its everything you need to know about your IP and location as you surf the net.

This website is also very important if you are travelling far and wide as it will help you to keep an eye of the particular city you are in without having to add any stress to yourself asking people the name of a particular place when you are already there.

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