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22nd Jul, 2019

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Are you a Nigerian and desire to get your website hosted on the best hosting provider in Nigeria, search no further because the solution is here. Due to some limitations that Nigerians have in terms of making online payment such that they cant be able to make use of PayPal and credit card most of us who have no external help resort to using what we have.

In this aspect of hosting, using what we have now got more and more advantages over going to buy form those hosting providers that claim to be cheap yet not being cheap to us. For instance, if you consider the dollar conversion rate currently which goes for about #350 for 1usd, you will understand what I am saying.

So if you decide to buy from the popular Bluehost which charges 2.99usd for one month you will be paying for two-three months for just to use for just one year had it being that you choose to buy from Nigeria. Without much adore, the following are the steps you  can take to get you cheap domain name and hoasting in Nigeria without any hassle


Qservers is a web hosting & domain registrar in Nigeria. A leading-edge committed to customer satisfaction.

Serving over 14,000 customers, Qservers is becoming one of the popular web hosting choice for webmasters today in Nigeria.

Read more on why we recommend Nigerians to use qservers for everything about their website.

To get your domain name and website hosting quickly follow the steps below.

  1. Visit and create a user account. This user account is what you will use for any type of transactions that will happen between you and qserver.

  2. Once you have created your account head over to the home page and you will see the input filed where you can search for the availability of the domain name you want to register. Once you have seen that the domain name is available, add it to cart and proceed to the next step of adding the type of hosting that you want.

Qserver has three major types of hosting option which by the fact one must certainly suit your business but if you are planning on having a blog or just a mini-website the basic pack will be suitable for you.

  1. Now that you have chosen your hosting pack head over to the next section and add other website require4menyt like whois, and procce3de to check out. Don’t bother to add SSL because they offer free SSL but if you try to pay for it you will as well be charged. Read more on how to set up free SSL for your website using Cloudflare 

  2. If everything works out fine you will be directed to the checkout page where you will pay for your domain name and web hosting that you have ordered.

  3. To make your payment, qserver have a lot of options available to Nigerians which includes atm, bank transfer, and even cash payment in the bank if at all you cant carry out any online transaction even with your mobile phone.

  4. If your payment is confirmed immediately your website is live and you can visit the domain name that you have registered and you will receive some error message due to no configurations.

  5. At this point you are through with the registration and Qserver will start making sure that you enjoy all the benefits it offers to its customers.

Configuring a website to start working.

If you have successfully registered your website and you don’t know the next step to take you can hire me for the job and I will make all the necessary configuration that you need for you but if you want to do it yourself you can read through this article on setting up a website for beginners. In the article, you will learn how you can configure your website and even set up the necessary SSL which is very important and a must-have as recommended by google.

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