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31st Jul, 2019

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Traffic is the life wire of any business. So for one to get traffic to his or her business he must make sure the what he has to offer gets across to his targeted audience. Now to achieve this, your question will be how then will I get my business to reach my targeted audience?

The answer to that question is what we will are going to answer shortly and as well see how we can implement it without having any stress.

Facebook is the most popular social media to the extent that virtually every type of audience you want for your business is present on facebook. This is the reason why we will be concentrating on facebook advertising on this article.


The following will highlight why any business both small and large scale must use facebook ad. Facebook ads are

  • Optimizable
  • Relatively cheap
  • Performance trackable. Ie. You can easily track the performance of your ad.
  • Easily controlled by the owner. Ie. You have total control over any ad you buy on Facebook.
  • It is easy to learn and master: though it is easy you must know the way forward otherwise you end up wasting money.

If you are excited about boosting your product on facebook and want to start now, here are the 5 steps to take to ensure that you have a successful ad running on facebook.

1. Have a goal in mind:

Having a goal is the stepping stone when it comes to advertising your product. This goal may be any of the following.

  • Increase in followers
  • Generate more sales.
  • Get more audience to engage in your website.
  • Etc

One good thing when it comes to Facebook advertising is that they have their audience into many categories. So any type of advertising goal you have in mind, Facebook will be able to have an audience who are interested in such goals.

Like in facebook it's common to me and you that facebook has a popular feature call interest whereby a user will indicate that he or she is interested in men or women or both.

This feature is just one good example. But in real facebook sense, they generate their audience interest from all the following

  • People they follow.
  • Pages they like or follow.
  • The groups they search and join.
  • Other internet data generated from browser cookies.
  • Etc.

When they now evaluate each one with the above information they will now know which category to place each person.

So if you have any type of goal in mind facebook has a good option that will surely suit your business and by following the right selection you will achieve the purpose of the advertising which you place on facebook. This is because every category has subcategories which by narrowing down you will be able to get your targeted audience and not just wasting money advertising to those who may never be interested in your business.

So, in conclusion, knowing your goal will help you to target the right audience and by so doing you will see a good result.

2. Use quality contents

The contents of your ad may include all or some of the following

  • Image
  • Video
  • Sales copy and call to action


Image is very important in grabbing the attention of your audience. The good of facebook advertising is to use a good quality HD image. This is is because your image is a blur and not being attractive your potential are liable to scroll past it without giving any attention to it.

It is also advisable to use images not containing too much text otherwise facebook will show your ad to fewer people. A good rule is to use images that have at most 20% text if at all the image must contain text.


Video can have a thousand things to tell more than just an image. A good video should also be not more than a minute and as well you should be sure that the message being passed in the video is not dependent on audio because 80% of the videos played on facebook are played on mute.

Also, you don’t need to worry if people will view the video because facebook autoplay videos will help attract their attention when the video begins to play. So ensure that your attractive HD video for your ad to ensure that it catches the attention of your audience.


A perfect Facebook ad sales copy must contain a good description which must include the following.

  • An attractive phrase to grab the attention of the audience eg. A question or statistics.
  • A good phrase that tells which value you are offering.
  • And finally the call to action.

If you fail to grab the attention of a user at the first sight they will skip the and may not be able to see it again.  Now if you have gotten his attention you should start by highlighting the main value you have to offer them before asking them to sign up or click a link.

Finally, the next thing is to ask them to click and visit your targeted link, in this case, it might a website, telegram group or channel, WhatsApp group or even your facebook page.

Nevertheless, the kind of call to action depends on the purpose of the ad.

Also, note that when writing your sales copy you should be mindful too of the words you use. Don’t go and be sounding persuasive and end up losing all your audience. This is because people don’t like to know that they are being persuaded. But rather be polite and tell the values of your offer and follow it with a call to action to get the full benefit.

3. Leverage A/B split testing

It’s rare to get something right on the first try. That’s why A/B split testing is vital to running successful Facebook ads!

A/B split testing is when you run several slightly different variations of the same ads to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s used to single out the most effective elements which can then be combined into one optimal ad.

To start, figure out which elements you want to test for. The two most common things to test are images and copy. Once enough people have seen the ads (100 people is a good rule of thumb), you can begin turning off the ads that have high costs per click. Continue this process until the single most effective ad is the only one remaining.


In the above example, you can see how different variations of the same ad have been created in a single ad set. These ads have already been optimized, so only the most successful one remains running.

A good recommendation is to start with three images and three copies, every variation of which should create 9 ads total to test against one another. Once you’ve determined the best image/copy combo, you can begin testing other features like headlines, audiences, placements, and buttons.

Ads won’t be optimized overnight. You should let your ads run for at least a few days before you begin the optimization process. A/B split testing can be a time-consuming process, but it’s worth it in the end!

Setting up a new ad from scratch for beginners

Now that you have seen some of the requirement before setting up a facebook ad. Lets now see how we can set up a simple add from scratch.

This process consists of 7 simple steps each with a picture depicting how you can do this with a mobile phone. So you don’t have to worry about not having a desktop. But if you still find it difficult to follow feel free to drop a comment below and I will attend to you.

Step 1

For one to be able to run a Facebook ad, you will need to open a Facebook page.

Think out the name of your choice, go to your Facebook wall, click on the 3 lines on the right-hand side and scroll to create the page

 Follow the pictorial illustrations below

 After following the above instructions. You can go ahead and click on promote the ad.

step by step guide to create successful facebook ad







once you arrive at this stage it means that you have created your facebook page. it is very easy and I hope you fully understood it.


Below are pictures that you can follow and set up your facebook add instantly

step by step guide to create successful facebook ad

  • Go to your facebook wall and click on ads manager, make sure that you are using facebook lite.
  • Click on your facebook page you want to use for promotion
  • chose your aim of the promotion. Refer to how to choose your goal above.
  • add the URL you want people to click on.
  • choose the amount you want to spend on the add. 
  • choose the number of days you want the ad to last
  • choose a good picture you want to be displayed to everyone who sees your ad
  • after that, your ad should be published and waiting for moderation

Then the Facebook team will take about 15 minutes to 1 hour to review and approve your ad. Once your ad is approved it'll start running.

Some of the reasons why your add may not get approved

 If it talks more about you than the product you are promoting.

If the picture you uploaded has before and after the result of the product attached to it

If your write up is discriminatory either in terms of sex, religion, tribe or what have you.

If the product you are promoting will be harmful in any way to the consumers

If the product you are promoting is contraband like Indian hemp, drugs, cocaine etc.

Now we have come to the end of the lesson. I believe that from now you will begin to promote your product using facebook and as well increase revenue in your business.

Thanks for reading, if you have found the article useful please support us by sharing it with your friends on social media.

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