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9th Mar, 2019

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SEO is very important for everything we do.  Don’t quote me wrong because I said that SEO is important for everything we do. I said so because SEO stands for search engine optimization and in life people search for one thing or another from time to time. There’s is persistence search of good lifestyle, information, good health, clothing, quality education, etc.

However, groups of people with common interest search for unique stuff via a method which seems optimum and good to them. For instance, barren women search for a solution to get at least a child, poor people search for a way to get rich, rich people on the other hand search for how to protect their wealth, and keep it growing, uneducated search for means of getting a good education and so on.  The lists are endless and these people search for their solution from a different source of available solutions.

If it happens that you are in any position to provide a solution to these people and you want them to benefit from what you have to offer it is strongly advisable that you optimize what so ever you have to offer so that it will be easily accessed via the route your prospects are expecting a solution from. This way they will be able to find you easily and take what you are offering them and as well purchase anything from you as long as it is going to satisfy their desire.

It is certain to me now that you have understood what I meant when I upheld SEO to be very important in everything we do.

It now obvious to you that everyone engages in search of something which I and you are not left out otherwise you could not have been reading this article now.

Remember, the adage “curiosity kills the cat but satisfaction brought it back”.  Because it is searching for something that brought you here and if you eventually find what you are looking for it will be certain that you will be happy that you see the solution.

But without this article being optimized for SEO you won’t have found it talk more of you getting the stuff in it.

Note that one thing I have to point out to you is that before optimizing this content for Search Engine via Google I already know that the people whom I intend it for are searching for the solution there.

Hint: know where your audience is before you begin to drop the solution.

This brings us to a very important aspect of SEO “know who you are serving and where they are searching for a solution because by so doing you will get to see them, and they will see you as well.”

Now let’s look into SEO properly and explain how to optimize the different search engines available.


Each of the search listed above (groups of people searching for solutions to their problems) are all done by people whom we need not know before offering them solutions, the reason is that people look for a solution when they are faced up with any challenge. And these people that search for solution always need quick solutions and answers that is they seek for already made solutions which is the same with me and you and that is the reason we all have to work hard ahead of time to make ready what we are offering to our readers before they need it.

With that being the case with everyone, the search engine is established to convey solutions from the solvers (article writers in this case) to the challenged person at the time he or she needs it provided he or she has access to the internet.

Therefore SEO or search engine optimization is the name given to the process of attempting to improve the Search Engine for ranking of “article or any form of content delivered “on the internet via the Search Engine Result Pages SERPs

Now let’s look at the four major ways you can optimize your website articles, contents or blog for it to be SEO friendly.


optimizing your website or blog for the SERPs is very important so that you can be sure that your prospects will see what you have written at the right time and as well count you as a helper to any of their solution which your content or what so ever you have compiled helped them with.

The various four strategic steps are very important and works like magic for anyone who implements the steps as described. They include the following:

Keyword content:

 As a blogger or someone who manages a website, keyword is one thing that you must be familiar with and as well know how to utilize properly.

Today they are many keyword tools available which you can use and get the accurate result about the search volume of a word, phrase, or sentence. How often the particular keyword is been visited, the season at which it attracts the highest visit and as well know how you will improve your article based on the researched keyword/s  as long as it is pertinent to what you are dishing out to the whole world.

Some of the keyword tools I will strongly recommend for you for adequate results include:

The keywords tools I will analyze her are grouped into two

The first are chrome extension and the second will be websites that handle keyword relating issues.


·        keyword everywhere

This is a chrome extension which works like magic in pupping out the mostly relevant and most visited key words relevant to what so ever search you make on your browser. With this keyword tool you don’t have to go and be looking for keywords at a separate time rather than that time you are conducting some relevant research. Ie your personal research.

·        Seoquake

This is another of the awesome SEO chrome extension which I always ensure that I have installed. Its performance can’t be over emphasized .It works in a special way not by suggesting to you the most relevant phrase or things like keyword everywhere but it helps you to keep an eye at you competitors as you browse through their website. Also this is done as you conduct any search on your browser or by merely visiting any known domain.

It analyzes their website and tells you their Alexa rank, the amount of traffic in their website, and so many other useful information which will exhort you to keep an eye at your performance and be able to outperform your competitors.

There are many other options available which you can give a try but these ones I mentioned work perfectly fine for me and as a beginner you will find them very important and helpful.

The second comprises of keyword websites also known as keyword tools


Just like I have explained to you about the chrome extensions, the website based SEO tools are another awesome place to get your hands wet with all you need concerning the perfect keywords you need to apply in making your website yield you that maximum result you so much desire.

I won’t be explaining much here but I will give you direct hint on the five SEO too you must be using currently if you have not started using it, even if you are using its free version.


1. Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

This is obviously the best free keyword tool, and it has been a favourite for many years.


Not only is the Google Keyword Planner a good choice when starting a new site, but it can also be your best friend as you grow and produce more content.


The primary benefit of this tool is easy to see: you’re able to pull information directly from Google, which is the search engine you’re most likely to target when optimizing your website.

The step to follow is very simple, just enter your keyword and Google will pull a lot of results for you.

In addition to the keyword you entered to search, you’re also provided with many other ideas. Some of the ideas will work, while some won’t work. But I urge you to pay close attention to all the suggested results. You never know when you’ll find a gem.

Another huge benefits of google keyword tool is its ability to provide you with the following results on all your search queries and suggested ideas

Average monthly searches


Suggested bid (if you’re using AdWords)

Though Google Keyword Planner doesn’t do anything special. However, it does everything right and that’s what matters most.


If you’re seeking keyword data from this source, you can’t go wrong with this tool because Google is the king of all the search engines in the whole world and they don’t want to stress their works. (Me and you are working for google anytime we try to conduct a search on google search engine.)

2. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Are you struggling to uncover new keywords in your keyword research?

This is a challenge that you may face when launching your new site. Even if you are familiar with the necessary keywords in  your niche you may not completely know where to start from. If that is the case this tool will be of great important to you.

With the AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator tool, it’s easy to get creative as you search for keywords that align with your site, marketing strategy and goals.


One important thing about this tool is the way that it can instinct creativity in you. You can enter a keyword in each of three boxes, hit “generate permutations” and watch the magic happen.

The only downside to this tool is that some of the keyword results may not make sense. For this reason, you must be prepared to spend a good amount of time moving through the list, searching for those that best suit your site.

Therefore if keyword creativity is an issue for you, let this tool be your guide. It will point you towards some ideas that you may not have previously considered.


3. Google Correlate

As you have seen so far, getting a keyword from the chief source still remains the best and there’s no other option to be compared to it.

Google Correlate is an extremely powerful tool for generating a large keyword list.

The main reason to use this tool is its ability to see which keywords get searched together. With this information, you can begin to grow your keyword list (especially longtails).


4. Keyword In

This keyword tool works best in helping you to combine your keywords in an easy way.

This keyword tool takes in all your inputs and mashes everything together, to provide you with a long list of potential keywords.

Keyword In is, by far, one of the simplest keyword research tools to use. You only have to enter some suggestions in the input arear provide and you will have lots of amazing results to go with.


You may not always like what you see, but it’s easy to double-back and change your seed keywords. The more you do this, the more results you’ll generate.


Important! Experiment with each match type, including broad, phrase match and exact match.

Furthermore, it’s always advisable if you are launching a new site to keep things as simple as possible. So with a keyword in you are good to go without much stress


5. Soovle

Have you ever used Google’s autocomplete feature to generate keywords or a blog post title?

If this is a trick you’ve used in the past, you’ll love what Soovle has to offer.

In short, this free keyword research tool provides autocomplete suggestions from a variety of sources, not just from Google, to help you boost your search volume.

While you can use it for Google suggestions, there are many other sources, including Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia and Amazon.

The first thing you need to do is choose your source. Google is the default, but you can change this easily enough, by clicking on one of the many other icons below the search box.

The search results aren’t the most advanced, but you’ll probably find a few suggestions that make sense for your blog.

The best way to use Soovle is to experiment with a variety of keywords while paying close attention to the results from each source.


Using Soovle is as simple as entering your keyword and reviewing the results. It’s quick, it’s efficient and it’ll guide you towards a few good keywords.

There are many other keyword tools available but these five have been very great and will surely give the best results to achieve that your desired rank on different search engines.

Always ensure that you follow the right trend in embedding keyword in your website

The above listed websites  and chrome extension is guaranteed to give you accurate results and if you follow the results  precisely with adequate application of keyword management in your website and or blog  your website is going to be  ranking  high in Google  and other SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)


 The second factor I will like you to look into is the maintenance factor. in this issues of maintenance you will have to know that being up to date is very important because Google tends to rank websites and blog with latest content higher in the SERP so with that being known it will be expedient if you regularly cross-check your previous work or articles and if they be any need for you to update it, just do so without hesitation.

Note that you are not allowed to copy other peoples content directly into your own website or blog without appropriate credit and reference to the source. Google tends to demote the visibility of any website found guilty of plagiarism. It is therefore advisable that you follow the right steps and play safe to avoid sweating for in vain.


Since the world is becoming more globalized and new things tends to evolve daily it is expedient for you to have a close watch at what people are interested at and make your website or blog optimized based on the relevant keyword relating to that . Ensure that your content answers some questions people might wish to know in order to keep themselves updated on current trending.


Today Google no longer tend to rank such websites or blogs that just put up summary of few words in order to rank high in the search engine results pages. Even with the compilation of the necessary keywords such websites may not still rank as desired in the SERP. The reason is that goggle analyses the time visitors spent on a site and from there determine how relevant the content of the website or blog  is to other people and as well tend to promote it more to others. At this point relevant keywords may not help you but explanatory article that will let your visitors come back and get detailed explanations to their query. Google now rank websites with more explanatory contents because it has come tom their awareness that people love to get well explanatory articles more than just an excerpts which will majorly highlight contents without intuitive explanation to adequately support the person needs.


Ensure that you write articles that will be relevant to visitors as this tends to keep a website active even at a point that you are not chanced to maintain it for some months or even years as the case may be.




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