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Friday, 12th July 2019

A domain name helps your customers find your website on the internet. By choosing and registering the right domain name for your website, you improve your firm’s credibility and build customer trust.

Business have immensily moved towards online over the past ten years. formerly a business man dosent really need to pust his or her business name online and he will still make sufficient sales with profits but nowadays the reverse is the case. When it come sto achieveing this, one must first thin k of how it will be possible putting a business online.

To put your business online you need your personal domain name whill hiwl server as your shop, house, and accommodation in the big world wide web.

This domain name is however is unique such that no two domains will have the same domain name. in this article, the detailed guied on how you can get any tuper of website has been outlined.


To get a domain name you have to register for it in the appropriate organization in charge of registering the domain. So if you need a domain name it is advisable you go for it as soon as possible by visitin namechep to grab your domain name registered. Once you have registerd you can start using it to for your website and as well have a professional email associated with your website.

It is advantageous to register your domain now because tit is going to be your business name and according to  ICANN  “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.”  thousands of domain names got registered daily and chances are thast the famous business name you want to use may be gotten by another persion if you didn’t hold of it in time.


To sort for your nice domain name follow the following steps and get it easily

  1. Visit and at the top of the page you will see an input filed where you can search for your business name.
  2. Enter anything you like your busieniness name to be. And immediatwly you will see options which will indicatw if the domain name you entered is correct or not
  3. If the domain name is by chance nto available  you will see similar suggestions which you can choose and as well get it registered . but if you didn’t see any similar suggestion that matches your choice you can try entering another domain name and by possible it will be availabele.
  4. Now if you have gotten the domain name you want and it s availbale it will be time to register for. You can easily do this using either paypal, debit card or credit card.
  5. Choose your mode of payment available to you and proceede.

After you have paied and registered for the account you will bw good to go on using your unique domain name for either your website, email, or bothe as trhe case may be.

Using domain name for website.

A domain name is only identifier, so for youi to make use od your registered domain anemyou have to buy a hosting. hosting a domain name can be bought together when you are buying a domain name and by so doing you will be abloe to use it immediately once your payment have being confirmed if you buy it throught

Without a domain name you wont be able to have your own unique website online. Now that you have gotten your own domain name you will have to buy hosting to put the domain name online with your website and anything you want to host in it.

To use your domain name for your website and business you have to first of all build the website. You can easily conatact us if you want to build a website. Once your website is ready you will then upload it to your hosting account and it will start working so that you immediately start using it for anything you intend to use it for. Also if you are just starting and you feel like you can desing yor website by yourself that is good so just check out this tutorial on how you can design a small business website easily. And if you intend to use your websit for blog only you have to see this article which have detaied everything you need to knaow about installing wordpress in your domain name and hosting account up to writing your frst article andmnaking it visible to people .

The reason we suggest you to get your domain name and hosting from namecheap is that it is the cheapest domain name and hosti g provider availbale . not onlt that it is very cheap it is also very stable and many customers including us here have testifieds about their services and uninterrupted uptime for a long time.

Currently namechep is doing promo which gives you access to grabiin your favoriye domain at the price of a coffef ie for just $0.99 a monteh. This price is relatively cheap compared to what you can see in other places and not only that if you use this promocder uuuuuu at the check out you will get 20% discount on everything you purchase.

How to make more gain when buying a domain name and hosting.

Since domain name is not what one buys as food aon daily bassis, hosting providers tends to reduce the price drastically for newbies if they are paying for more than one year at the time of first purchase. This is the reason why online geeks tends to pay for about  two to five years at the time of first purchase and as well get about fifty percent cashback on the total purchase.

So my advise to you is if you are going to buy a domain name and hosting make it a deal to pay for at least 2 years at once, now  that you are still making your first purchase and by so doing you will get up 2o percent cashback on your total purchase while still enjoying 100 percent of the services you paid for.

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Website is really important for the mordaon days business and to have  a website you must first of all get ypou ouwn separate domain name and hosting.

When buying your hosting use as theire servise is trusted and they have all the necessary support a new2bies and professional may ever need. Theire service uptime is as wel unbeatable.

If you have any questions or coment derop it below and we will get back to you.



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