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7th Aug, 2022

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Markethive is a a platform that brings self-sovereignty, privacy, & autonomy to every entrepreneur. The extensive suite of inbound marketing tools are a real benefit.



Markethive will soon make history with the impending wallet release and the cessation of the Entrepreneur One (E1) upgrade subscription to new members.


Acquiring the ILP entitles you to 20% of Markethive’s net revenue per month. You are considered an early adopter and shareholder in the company, which is the first of its kind to integrate blockchain technology and cryptocurrency micropayments, thereby creating an ecosystem for the entrepreneur and a legacy financially for yourself and your loved ones. 


In other words, Markethive is not just a social media site where people gather. It’s not just an inbound marketing or broadcasting platform where the marketer or creative pays for its services. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have enabled Markethive to offer its users many opportunities to create an income, the most lucrative being the ILP. 


As an incentive and because the Entrepreneur One upgrade will end soon, all who upgrade and maintain their monthly subscription for 12 months this year will receive a half or 0.5 ILP. 


You can join markethive for free here



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