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Saturday, 3rd August 2019

Mini importation business is an online small scale importation business where a person can import goods in small quantity at a cheap rate from other countries and sell at a higher rate in another country.

In this case, we have two major countries we are going to be using for our case studies. Viz a viz China and Nigeria. In the basic term, it is buying and selling involving two countries.

Anyhow you understand it, just takes it that way, but one thing you have to understand is that you are going to make money after reading this article.

The only difference here is that you as the seller buy from outside Nigeria and then sell the goods in Nigeria. This if done right is highly profitable and lucrative and before you know it, you are already in the millionaire gang of legit hustlers.

This is just an introduction and I have written a well-detailed article on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria.

In this article, we will consider all some of the terminologies relating to introduction to mini importation and some other things that will motivate you to saddle your ass and get to business.

Prerequisites to mini importation

It's obvious that you have known the answer to the question “What is mini importation”

Now let us see some of the things you must have before you can start mini importation in Nigeria.

  • A valid home address
  • A naira MasterCard or visa ATM issued by any Nigerian bank of your choice.
  • The websites or online portals to do your cheap shopping.
  • A startup importation capital at least 10,000 naira, 20,000 recommended.
  • A shipping company that will get your goods to you.
  • Knowledge of Mini importation business.

A valid home address

Every business you do need you to have a valid home address if you must get trust from your customers. So in this aspect of buying from other countries, you must have a valid home address where your goods should be shipped to you after you have placed your order. Sometimes the home address you choose will not be the place you will receive your order but one good thing about using your valid home address is that the shipping company will ship your goods to their office address nearest to your home address.

So if you have used your home address be sure enough that the transport to the clearing office of the shipping company will be drastically reduced and you will get to be more trusted.

A naira master card

The mode of payment that you will always need is an online payment. This can involve the mobile transfer, paying directly on the website and as well as used payment. All these types of payment require you to have atm for authentication and security. This does not mean that you cannot make payment by bank deposit. But if you are to make payment by bank deposit it will certainly delay your credibility in carrying out online business.

So the bottom line is that you need atm to aid in making payment fast, reliable and credible.

Website to get the products very cheap

In the horizon of mini importation, you have to come across many websites. Like me, before I started mini importation the website that I know whereby someone can buy goods online are jumia, Konga, and amazon, and that was all. But if you consider the prices on these websites you will see that they mainly sell to final consumers whereby if you buy from them you will barely make any profit in selling it back.

But today I will be giving you the list of 10 popular but hidden website that you can order for products very cheap and make numerous returns when you sell them.

List of websites to import products from

  • 1688
  • Alibaba
  • DH Gate
  • New Egg
  • Ever Buying
  • IP mart
  • Dino Direct
  • Cellular Country
  • Made In China
  • DealExtreme

Now your cash

The starting cash all depends on you. Like me, I started with just 20k and it was ok. So if you think you can start with anything less than that or more the ball is in your court. But I have a recommendation which I do ensure that my students meet before starting. I do recommend that they have at least 20k so that I will ensure that their success in the first trial is not having any form of k leg. So, therefore, I will likewise recommend you to start with something good and don’t believe every story you read online.

Shipping company

The shipping company is the company that will deliver your purchased products to you over here in Nigeria. These companies serve as middlemen between you and the products until it reaches you. In this aspect you purchase your goods, your goods got sent to the shipping company address and then the shipping company sends you your order over here in Nigeria.

Very simple import 101 stuff.

The knowledge of mini importation

This is very important and if I am asked to justify its potency in the paragraph of mini importation, I will tell you that it’s the most crucial and the stepping stone. But you should never fret at all you can always comment here and your question will be answered or you can join our WhatsApp group where we coach newbies on mini importation.

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