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9th Mar, 2019

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JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich, who later went on to build Mozilla Firefox and Brave browser. JavaScript which in short form pronounced JS is a lightweight, dynamic, and object-oriented programming language.

 JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS combines to form the 3 pillars of frontend requirements today.

HTML helps put content on your website while CSS helps you with the design layout.

So, what exactly does JS do?

That is the reason while this article is written.

Prior to the introduction of JavaScript, websites used to be extremely static and difficult to navigate. JavaScript is the language which brought the easy of dynamic websites which everyone is flexing today. JS single-handedly made websites more user-friendly.

Even though JavaScript was originally supposed to be a client-side script, several implementations such as node.js have allowed for server-side implementation as well. JavaScript is officially managed and maintained by Mozilla Foundation, and new language features are added periodically.

Now let’s look at some features of JavaScript.


All modern browsers have a built-in JavaScript engine.

JavaScript has a structured programming syntax.

JavaScript is dynamically typed. Meaning, a variable which was storing integer values a moment ago can store a string during runtime

JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language. We will explain this in our next tutorial.

JavaScript is a functional language. So it supports modulation via functions

JavaScript also supports implicit and explicit delegation. This will be explained in our next tutorial.

JavaScript is case sensitive, so “computer” is different from “computEr”.

JavaScript is an interpreted language (meaning that scripts execute without preliminary compilation)

A JavaScript can be embedded directly into HTML pages.

JavaScript is easy to understand.


That is all for the basic introduction to JavaScript.

In our next tutorial we will start coding and gradually we can develop anything that comes to our mind using simple JavaScript.

Happy coding in your new language.






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