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6th Apr, 2019

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Bootstrap is a free and open-source framework for creating websites and web applications. It's the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first websites and other web application projects.

Bootstrap makes everything about web development a whole lot easier. This is because since there are a lot of things needed to make a website responsive and as well look nice, it is difficult to keep writing all this over and over again by different people. So Bootstrap enables you to create responsive websites without you needing to do all the coding from beginning to the end especially the responsive part. Bootstrap takes care of all these for you.

Prerequisites to this tutorial

Before you start proceeding with this tutorial, we are assuming that you have already gotten a background knowledge on the basics of HTML and CSS. If not, we suggest that you go through our short tutorial on HTML and CSS so that you will grasp what we are doing here more easily and save yourself some stress.


                                     MULTIPLE DEVICE SUPPORT

Bootstrap is promoted as having multiple device support. This is because websites built with Bootstrap will automatically scale between devices — whether the device is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computers, screen readers, etc. Without needing the developer to write multiple codes for that.


Bootstrap is not only responsive, but it’s also a mobile-first responsive web framework.

This means that it is primarily designed for mobile devices, due to the fact that the majority of those who access the internet daily with mobile devices are on the increase and as well higher in percentage.

Bootstrap scales up from mobile and to desktop and laptop up to other higher resolutions screen readers.

This is one of the major reason bootstrap is a recommended skill for any web developer.

Bootstrap Components

Bootstrap includes components such as tables, buttons, navbars, form controls, dropdown menus, alert boxes, etc. In most cases, you can make use of a component simply by using the appropriate class name.

The class name is the main reason while you are studying bootstrap. Because by knowing the appropriate class name for each component and when to tag it in the appropriate way, you are complete with learning bootstrap.

Also, the ids used in writing bootstrap is very important for you to master it in order to be skilful when using bootstrap.


We'll be looking at these components throughout this tutorial. We've got plenty of interactive examples that enable you to see exactly how these components work.

Always go through it and make sure you practice it using your suitable IDE (Internet Development Environment) so that you will always retain what you have studied.

Read more on choosing the best IDE for web development

Advantages of Bootstrap

·       Bootstrap can help speed up development times, and as well maintain homogeneous style on the whole webpage.

·       You won’t have the need to redesign or restyle every element individually.

·       With bootstrap, you won’t spend hours trying to get everything looking and working right across browsers, platforms, and devices. By using Bootstrap, almost all of the hard work is done for you already. 

·       Bootstrap is the most popular front-end development framework on the web.

·       Learning bootstrap is a great advantage to you as a web developer in many ways like building websites faster and to even landing your dream job.


Bootstrap comes with its own set of styles that are easy to override. You're not constrained to only using bootstrap tags and design.

You have the choice to use whichever Bootstrap components you choose while adding your own on top.

This is really handy with bootstrap, you can create different unique websites and it will look different from each other while having the ability to scale differently across different devices.


Bootstrap has very neat documentation for every of its version and it is available for free to anyone who wants to learn bootstrap. To get started with learning bootstrap you can as well take a look at the documentation. The current stable version as of the time of writing this post is 4.1 and the link given here is that of Bootstrap 4.1, but don't worry bootstrap website has very neat navigation which you can easily navigate to any version you want.

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