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Friday, 9th August 2019

How to import from china as a pro and make 200% profit

In our formal lesson we discussed how we can start or mini importation business from china with as little as 20k and start making profit. But you know as one start making profit the need to double the profit will arise. This goes in line with the saying

Human want is unlimited

This saying is very important such that it helps us in this business to always try to acquire more profit without just being stagnant with any little profit we make.

So the purpose of this lesson is to see how we can rock that stage of in mini importation whereby we can import and sell as legends while making at least 200% profit without much stress.

China the popular manufacturing country

China is the home of manufactures ranging from common tea that we drink up to the extent of the mots heavy machinery in the world today. Items such as electronics, toys, phones, laptops cables etc, are manufactured in china.

Now you may be wondering why we must be considering those things manufactured in china due the belief in most countries that everything manufactured in china are not durable. This may seem to be true due to some of the things we have used which are manufactured in china but come to think of it, despite the say that they manufacture inferior things we never stop using products manufactured in china. So this is to tell us that all the countries in the world depend on some of the products manufactured in china. Like the laptops, phones, televisions, radios cars, motorcycles, touch, charges etc, have some of their parts manufactured in china and then got assembled in other countries.

This is to let us know why we are talking about china and we are focusing our importation business on chines made products.

Importing from manufacture

We all know that whenever we buy something from the direct producer that the product always get cheaper. This is also applicable to the products made in china. When we buy products directly from these chines manufactures we tend to get it way cheaper than we can see it anyway else. The only thing that newbies do face is the fact that they have to buy it in bulk and that may make it seem as if they are spending too much money at the first time but as time goes on the process will become enjoyable.

This is the reason why this article is written to show us how to import directly from china and increase our profit margin even if you are a newbie.

To import directly from manufactures in china we are gpoing to be using their website for the importation. There are many websites based in china that you can buy directly from manufactures but in this case we are not here for may jargons but we will be concentratin on the two major websites that have given us the best result that we want and at the same time the price and is the most cheapest that we can ever find elsewhere.

The two websites for this business are and

You might have heard about,, and the likes. These are an open market websites that are been created for those in china to market their products to the outside world and the price here are usually more than 10X what you can get it on the two websites that we are going to be concentrating on.


Before we go into how we can import form these manufactures from china it will be awesome if we review one or two products being sold in the popular Nigeria market such as jumia and konga.

  1. Ladies hair:

The picture above is for our ladies who knows how expensive they usually buy such type of hair from markets, online markets such as jumia, konga, Instagram, facebook etc.

We all know as they sell hairs all over Iagos, #30,000 to #50,000 or even more. But on this website It is just ¥34.65 on this site, The exchange rate is 52 to 56naira for 1 yuan, that means a wig is 34.65 x N57 = N1976 for one wig. With shipping, let's say 1,000 that's 2,976, even if you decide to sell the hair for 8k that's N5,000 gain. Your profit margin is Way over 100% profit to be made.

The above image is that of a car scanner.

Those that have car knows what it is used for. All the big car repairing companies ues this to determine the state of a car before knowing where the fault is. As you can see in the above image the price is just 15yaun. Which is aprroximately 15*55 = 825naira. But go to jumia and check the price you will see that this product is sold for not less than 5,000 naira.

This is abosotely more than 200% profit.

The pictures that I have are numerous but with the above two I believe that you have see the reason why you can be making at least 200% profit from this business eben if yu diont know how to increase the price of your products.

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Importing from

1688 is a Chinese website solemnly made for Chinese to market their products to themselves. That is the manufactures sell it in bulk to other chines citizens and those ones then sells it to the outside world on the popular online market places such as Aliexpress, Alibaba, amazon etc. it is also the Chinese version of Alibaba such that all the contents of the website is written using chines. But in this article we will see how we can be using it no matter where we are based, so that we will leverage the cheap price and make more profit on our business.

We have seen few examples on the price of some of the products on our example above on the price compare section, now let us see how we can start making use of the website to place our own order.

The following steps are what you will take if you want to become a mini importer from china and be making cool profit above margin.

Please do ensure that you follow with this article while you open another tab on your phone or computer to carry out each step so that you will get a good result at the end.


  • Abundant products
  • China's biggest Wholesale purchasing site
  • Manufacturers Direct Sales
  • No Extra Cost by Middlemen
  • Security guarantees
  • The world's leading platform for Quality assurance



Step 1:  visiting the website

Open on another tab and follow the pictorial instructions in order to get maximum understanding.

Step 2: Visualizing the home page of the website

 This is the home page of  The column where the arrow is pointing to is where you type whatever you want to search for.

Step 3: Page Translation

Click on the three dotted line below, it will bring out options like Chinese simplified, translate to English, just click on translate to English and as well set it to always translate Chinese languages to English.

NB: sometimes the three dotted line may be on the top part of your phone, so incase if you don’t see it on the bottom check the top and sure enough you must see it.

NB: if you are on laptop or desktop just right click on your browser and you will see the option to translate to English go ahead and choose that. This is usually done automatic so in any case make sure that you translate the page to English for your own legibility purposes.

Step 4: Searching for product

In case you want to search for any product of your choice on the website of when you visit the website, go to the search bar and type any product of your choice.

Step 5: Viewing our search results

In the search bar I typed hand bags.

The above image is my result. It will bring out different types of bags with different designs. Then click on the one you like just as I clicked on the bag where the arrow is pointing.

Step 6: selecting a product from search results

When I clicked on a bag from our search results when I searched for hand bags it mow brought me here where I can see the full details of the one I clicked on.

the link above is the link of the handbag I clicked on. Feel free to click on it check it out.

Step 7: Explanations of the things you might see when you visit each product.

Open the image below to see how each part is labeled and as well follow it to understand every other ones you might see.



1. That is the title or name of the product

2. That is the price from 3 pieces and above

3. The price from 50 to 999piece

4. The price from 1000 pieces and above

5. Express fee is the amount you pay for delivery within China. (From supplier to agent or shipping company)


You need to check this 4 things before you calculate your cost price

Step 8: calculating cost price

If you open the link to the bag I gave above, you will see that the cost price of the bag is 6yuan but in naira it is 6 x55 =330naira

Ensure to always add the Express fee too. It is usually the same if you're buying more than 1 or there will be an increase of just 10 to 15yuan.

Step 9: Diving deep

On the details page scroll down to see something like the image below and as well take note of the numbering that I have made to the image below. We will now use the image to describe what happens in next step

Step 10: specifications

If you click on number one in the above picture, it will show you this image. This is where you will check the following.

if the product is ion stock or not.

Colors & Quantity available.

Stock means that it is available to be delivered immediately wile inventory means that they have material enough to produce enough quantity stated.

Step 11: product properties

If you click on 2, it will bring you this page. this gives you all the information about the product like

The material used to produce the item.

The standard used to produce the item.

The shape, size, etc.

Everything about the product and the main purpose of its production.

Step 12: service guarantee

This page shows you the activity of the seller and services they offer like

7 days return if you are not satisfied with the product

Step 13: Evaluation

When you click on number 4, you will get to see this page. this page talks about the seller rating. If the rating is five star that means that the seller is good and has a good store with quality and good products. Though five star at times may not guarantee that you will get good products, keep reading to get the full gist. Remember to book mark this page so that you don’t miss anything as you follow along the lesson

Step 14: store supplier

Clicking on number 5 brings us to the name and details of the store supplier. It shows the name of the state or district it is located in China and the number of years he has been selling on website. I do advise my students not to buy from a seller with less than 3yrs because they tend to have poor quality.

Step 15: Entering the shop

Now we are entering the shop of the seller who sells hand bags that we choose earlier.

Number 6 and 7 shows you all the goods the suppliers has and the number of transactions that has been carried out on each product.

It is advisable to buy products from the same supplier so it can reduce your Express shipping fees.

Step 16: Graphics details

If you scroll down the page a bit you will see graphics. This contains all the needed information of the product. Ensure to open the link of the bag so that you get the information

This section of the product details contains the graphic details. Please pay attentions to the information you see here. You will se the zoomed images and important details of the product like weight and size. For bags that usually look big in pictures, are usually very small when you buy it. To avoid this, always check the graphic details for dimensions. The dimensions are always shown in form of weight, length, width, height like the image above.

The weight is also very important because that is what you will use to calculate the landing cost.

Landing cost is the cost price plus shipping price. Shipping is charged per kg. So it is very important to know the cost estimate of what you want to import.

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This step bring us to the end of the lesson on how to buy direcvtly from manufactures from china. If you need any help placing your order please message me on whatsapp or drop a comment below anf I will respond as soon as possible.

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