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2nd Dec, 2020

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Struggling to come up with your next idea can be very challenging and often time it'll be shifted to the backburner.

The way things have gotten to have shown that a lot of people no longer wait to work on the idea given to them by nature but look forward to shinny opportunities created by others. In this burgeoning world, one should be able to have something he patents to be known and recognized. Working on other peoples ide is never bad as we all learn from one another and at the same time server one another. But in this burgeoning world, we need to stand out to be known.

Remember that richness doesn't make a noise like positively impacting value to the life of others.

Like for instance, the person who invented bitcoin the giant of Cryptocurrencies is rich and he is never going to be forgotten where so ever the history of cryptocurrency is told. Now you can see that his greatness comes through the idea and from idea to cash, richness and as well a role model to most of the people in the world.

Possibly there are always new things to us humans, though not to God. For instance, you can hack other people's idea and come up with something wonderful which will be unique though people may say that it's a subsidiary of something bigger. But at the same vein, you are the owner of idea and you would be known for that. Like in the case of Etherium, Litecoin,  etc, you can see how with the knowledge of bitcoin they have come to where they are today.

So if you have found it difficult to come up with something new which can easily lift you from that unknown rich position to becoming a popular somebody then you need a unique idea. And when it gets difficult to find, you should never worry, just head to ideasgrab and you will be sure to find one.

If you are in Asia something common in America might be what you just need to start in Asia and impact lives.

For these reasons and more has ideasgrab come to stay and to give you numerous ideas which are being updated every day.

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I'm recommending ideasgrab because I found something great there which helped me a lot and I decided to bring it here to internet citizens J. Maybe they can have side something working on while trading 💹 on the forex market, making other cash, schooling etc.

Examples of ideas found on the website

  • Goodreads for Podcasts – A place to share, discover and track podcasts.
  • When you search for a shop/ bar/ restaurant on Google it should tell you whether it is mandatory for a mask or not.

A friend of mine posted about it on his WhatsApp status a few months ago and I straight away visited the website and I was glad to have found something I'm currently working on which is worth working for and because of this I recommend it to someone who wants to expand their imagination band and do something greater.

Happy 😊 learning new ideas. Remember to make new friends but don't forget the old one. To learn new things but still hold fast that good one you are still doing.

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