How to start Buying And Selling As A Student.

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6th Mar, 2019

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Studying at university is just the beginning, and the Students' Union gives you plenty of opportunities to have fun and get involved with something new. Whether it's competing in a sport you love, giving back to the local community through volunteering or finding a part-time job.

No matter what you're interested in, there's something for you! And if your favourite thing to do isn't already available, you can work it out by providing the opportunity to yourself.

Without much ado, the following are the easiest ways you can start buying and selling as a student.


1.  Market things that your schoolmates might want:

As a student in college, it’s certain that you must be needing some certain things. These things you do need are also being needed by others. So if you are ready to start buying and selling the business as a student even with little capital you can take a look into this mind-blowing sector.

Majority of the students do like to buy some snacks occasionally and as a student, you can be providing them with this such as candy, snacks, chin-chin, peanuts etc.

This is a very nice start especially for ladies and requires a low startup capital.

2. Selling on Amazon:

If you have an interest in selling things online this will be a very nice option for you.

Try to find out the most popular products on the market, and try to advertise it using your social media channel and when buyers click on it to place an order you will make some money from there.

3. Selling T-shirts:

You can buy packs of them for about from those that sell in the buck.

Try to use your display the images on your WhatsApp status and Facebook profile so that those your school mates will see it and contact yours for a purchase. This option has proven to be much rewarding among many students so try it out.

4. Rent books

Books are still popular among the students, if you have the books that you don't need anymore, you can also rent the books for the other students.

5. Selling Electronic Stuff:

It has always been a custom for students to value electronics stuff like laptops, phones etc.

So if you have the strength and the capital to start looking into selling things like phone chargers, laptop chargers, wrist watches, phone parts, laptop parts, calculator and so on  will be a very nice option which is very much rewarding

6. Build your own blogs

You can also build your own blogs, and post some interesting things or the products that you want to sell. Little by little, your blogs have some reputations, there will be more visitors and traffic.

I personally build blogs for people and it is really an interesting sector of earning online since it had to prove to be completely risk-free.

If you will need to have your own blog set up by me just drop me a message on the contact.

The few options listed here are all tested and the risk of losing your money in any of them is very rare but rather you will always keep expanding.

If you know any other method that is easy to implement among students please do share with us using the comment section below and we will be glad for your support.



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