Five Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Combining Education With Business

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6th Mar, 2019

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Education is learning to do another thing.

Combining education with business does seem to be very difficult for some people due to so many reasons. While to others it's very simple and the only way forward.

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene, Mastery

The quote above is not new to us but putting it to action may still seem difficult to most of us due to some conditions we found ourselves and at some certain times due to the level of the task we permit our mid to undergo.

It's obvious that some country school system doesn’t space their school calendar to permit students to venture into the business while in school. This has lead to so many students finding it difficult to get into a business while in school.

This is the main reason while this article is written.

The steps at which one should incorporate to be able to combine education with business and at the same time achieve a successful result.

This post has been carefully regulated into five methods/steps. These five methods are personally tried by me with amazing results before I brought it here. In fact, I’m still using some and as well going to school at the time this article was written, without being weighed down on any side.

Understanding the connections between education and business matters. There are a bunch of questions one will ask during this comparison:

Can higher education implement the methods used in business?

Should education be focused on preparing individuals for jobs and careers? And if so how?

Some of these questions may not really seem important at the beginning but as you begin to go deeper into education and business combination you will understand.

The connection between education and business

The following is just a brief connection between education and business.

Each is a broad and complex domain of social phenomena.

Each encompasses a variety of types of interaction, system, and structure.

Education, for example, is what you undergo when you are learning things from others while business is what you do to make money.

Having known this let’s dive into how you can combine them together and still get the maximum result as you expect from both sides.


The following are the five things you can do to see yourself as successful business personnel even when you are still studying in the higher institution.

1. Develop Self-Awareness

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

― C.G. Jung

To be “awakened,” you have to understand your life story and which events shaped you into the person you are today?

Gaining clarity on these crucial moments will help you learn more about yourself and why you behave in a certain way.

This option is added so that you will remember to evaluate yourself before you start any business.

2. Get yourself a vocation

As a student in the higher institution especial in some developing country chances are high that you will see a vacant land near where you live.

If you get the required skill and think about planting something there you will never regret it. This means that if you talk with the person who owns the land and eventually succeeds in securing some piece during the planting season and as well makes use of it appropriately, you will see a good result during harvest.

If you are willing to put some effort into it, you can combine these two and make a good opportunity out there, that will even allow you to both enjoy something natural and as well accomplish success in your education.

Food is very important in everything we do, so if you are able to cut cost on foodstuff, you are already building your way to becoming a millionaire.

With the help of mechanization in the field of agriculture, you won’t have to stress yourself so much on things like making the field ready for planting, weeding and pest control.

You can start this on a small scale and from feeding yourself you will begin to supply to others and before you know it you already have enough money to go into a more comfortable business.

So, vocation consists out of:

Your Talents — what are you good at?

Your Passions — what do you love to do?

World Opportunities — what opportunities are out there for you to take or create?

Play around, experiment, and you will be able to find yours.

I only use farming as an instance since that is what I have practiced and it yielded good result .


3. Buying and selling

This option seems to be more common among students but yet it's still very rewarding.

Like I said before that I am only giving out the tested steps.

I have a friend who his work is only supplying foodstuff to some petty traders selling near his school. He makes quite a huge gain in every return without affecting his academic performance negatively.

To start this kind of business you will need to have both cash and friend.

Your cash will be used in buying the goods.

The need of having a subordinate or friend comes in when you are starting new and at that point, you will need means to get the product cheap and as well always get products to supply your customer as often as they need it.

This is because the second person who may be living at the place where you can get the products cheap will always help you to buy the products very cheap and send to you on regular basis.

You won't have to be running from pillar to post going to buy and as well coming to look for customers before selling.

You will only have to look for customers probably on weekends or when you seem it best to do so.

This way your academic life will not be stressed and you will be also doing fine in your business.

4. Online work

Nowadays the talk of online is no longer new to any student of the higher institution.

There are a lot of thins one can do online to make plenty of money very cool and legal.

 Also, remember that there is much difference between online work and online business.

In a very short description, online work is majorly offering of services to others while in return you get paid for it. examples of places you will get such opportunity include fiveer, freelance, and so on.

Whereas online business is far beyond that.

It involves selling goods online to make money as well.

This kind of business may involve trading of cryptocurrency, affiliate marketing,  referral business and so on.


5. Learning a skill before you get to a high institution.

This option is really awesome and a lot of people are already practising it and testifying to its results.

Though I didn't practice this.

It’s is not that one can’t learn a skill while he or she is already studying, it’s just that I’m trying to make my points as clear as for how it won’t have to stress your academic life.

Now having learnt a skill you will be able to render that services to people at your convenience time while you are studying.

some of the skills I personally suggest include the following

hairdressing, barbing, computer repairs, phone repairs, tailoring, fashion design, and if you have the capability you can learn more advanced things like software developmet and other related programming fantasies.

I believe after reading this that you have gained some insight and confidence on some of the things you can do as a student while studying so that you will be getting your cool cash.

Please if you have any suggestion share it on the comment box below and I will really appreciate it so much.


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