Btcmaker review:Scam or Legit

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9th Dec, 2020

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If you are looking for how you can make money online you are in the right place. In this case, you are to be making bitcoin and it is very simple more than it could have sound to you.

Btcmaker was introduced in May 2020 and since that time it has been paying as promised and to make matter even the best it is available to every country.

If you have not joined and you are new or doubting I encourage you to take a step and register now by clicking the button below.

For being here you will learn my approach which I used to make my first cash out within 4 months of joining.


I first bump on this website when a guy messaged me privately in BeerMoneyForum a website where we learn how to make money online and review other websites together before joining.

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The content of his message goes thus

“I found out that you are requesting how to make money online, I have something good for you and he included the Btcmaker link in the message.”

Immediately I registered and before I came back to complete my hourly task I have to quickly make thorough about the website to ensure that I'm not going to waste my time on the website.

Having found that the website is paying I registered and went ahead to start working what I’m to work in order to earn.


If you have clicked the button above to register you will land on a welcome page like below

Click on the signup button on the top of the page and fill in your details.

Enter your email address and

Once you have registered you will have to verify your email, so await an email form Btcmaker in your email inbox.  Once you have confirmed that you are good to go. For confirming your email you have 15 bonus tickets for your bonus faucet.

This bonus faucet is what you can use anytime by choosing the option of an hourly faucet on your dashboard.

Alternatively, there are two faucets in total. Hourly and bonus faucet on your Btcmaker dashboard.


Bonus faucet is the faucet you earn freely for completing a given task that can earn you that. You can earn bonus faucets every time you level up and when you access for the first time and confirm your email, each earns you 15 bonus faucets each.



Just as the name emphasized it is a faucet you earn per hour. This is what will keep you coming to the website hourly and wor. So you have 24 faucets in a day.

Your earning per hour depends on the level you are in, as a starter you will be earning about 15 satoshis per hour.

But as a new user, you will earn 30 satoshis per hour for your first 3 days.

To use any of the faucets you just have to first select it, then solve the captcha and click the blue button at the bottom.

Does Btcmaker pay or is it a scam?

Btcmaker really pays as promised otherwise you won’t have been recommending it here. It pays without problems starting from 30,000 satoshis, the same, 0.00030000 BTC.

If your earning have reached 30,000 satoshis you can request for withdrawal by clicking on Withdraw link to go to the withdrawal page and fill out the request with your Bitcoin address where you want the satoshis you have accumulated to be paid into.


Btcmaker charges you for every withdrawal you make. Their withdrawal charge per each withdrawal is 6,000 satoshis.

Btcmaker referral rewards

Btcmaker allows you the opportunity with a nice incentive to refer your friends and family even your enemies whom you wish good for to come and register and make money. They as well pay you for the opportunity you unveil to them.

For referring someone to Btcmaker you will obtain the following rewards

  • 50% of their claims in the faucet.
  • 0.4% of the loss in games.
  • 5% of GiftCards claims

To claim any of these rewards when you have referred someone you must log in to your Btcmaker dashboard and go to your referral section and claim the reward by yourself.

Rounding up

Btcmaker has been a great passive income tool for me since I discovered it.  The website comes with an intuitive user interface.

I’m currently trying to wager up and increase to the maximum that I can which is platinum since with evidence I’m sure that all effort put in this website is worth it and the reward is instant.

You can bookmark this page to often come here for an update on Btcmaker because I will be updating this page as often as I make any progress or suspect anything unfriendly.

If you have not signed up clicking the button below is a very good choice which you will have to do.

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