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25th Jun, 2023

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Beware of A Warning to Potential Victims

Are you considering joining for its enticing promise of earning 3,000 naira weekly? Think twice before taking the plunge. One user's bitter experience reveals the deceit behind this platform and serves as a warning to others. Discover the red flags, the disappointment of unpaid promises, and the importance of staying vigilant in the face of potential scams. Don't let strip you of your hard-earned money and dreams. Learn how to protect yourself and others from falling victim to this treacherous trap.
In a world where financial security is highly sought after, the allure of earning money online can be irresistible. The promise of easy cash, flexible hours, and the convenience of working from home is an enticing prospect for many. However, amidst the plethora of legitimate opportunities lie deceptive platforms that prey on hopeful individuals seeking a better future. One such platform,, has left a trail of disappointed users in its wake, including myself. Allow me to share my cautionary tale and shed light on the dangers of, urging you to steer clear and protect yourself from falling into the same trap that cost me both money and hope.


A Warning to Potential Victims


In the era of the internet, numerous online job platforms have emerged, promising lucrative opportunities for individuals seeking to earn extra income from the comfort of their homes. However, not all of these platforms have good intentions. is one such website that has left me disappointed, having failed to fulfill their promise of paying me as they had advertised. In an effort to protect others from falling into the same trap, I feel compelled to share my experience and caution fellow netizens about the potential risks associated with

What Promises lures potential users with the enticing promise of earning #3,000 nairas weekly for completing simple online tasks. This promise, coupled with the desire to make easy money, can be highly tempting. Unfortunately, the reality falls far short of their claims.

My Experience in

Like many others, I was intrigued by the potential of earning a decent weekly income by participating in simple online activities. Eager to give it a try, I signed up on and paid the required 2,000 naira registration fee. The platform appeared professional and legitimate, which further convinced me that it was a worthwhile venture.

However, as I invested my time and energy into completing tasks, I soon realized that something was amiss. Despite reaching the minimum withdrawal threshold of 3,000 naira, I did not receive the promised payment. Days turned into weeks, and yet no payment materialized. My attempts to contact their customer support were met with silence, leaving me frustrated and disheartened.

Warning Signs about

Reflecting upon my experience, I discovered several red flags that I overlooked in my excitement to earn quick money. It is crucial for others to be aware of these warning signs to avoid falling into a similar trap:

1. Unrealistic Promises's claim of earning a fixed amount of money every week for simple tasks should be viewed skeptically. Legitimate online job platforms typically offer more realistic compensation based on the nature of the work involved.

2. Registration Fees

Genuine online job platforms do not usually require users to pay a registration fee. Requiring an upfront payment raises suspicions and indicates that the platform may be more interested in making money from registrations rather than providing legitimate job opportunities.

3. Lack of Transparency lacked transparency in their operations. The absence of clear guidelines on payment procedures, delayed responses to inquiries, and inadequate customer support were major indicators of their untrustworthiness.

Sharing the Warning

It is disheartening to realize that there are platforms like, which take advantage of individuals seeking legitimate work-from-home opportunities. To protect others from falling victim to such scams, it is important to raise awareness and share information.

By sharing my personal experience, I hope to alert others to the risks associated with Spread the word through social media, blogs, and community forums. Encourage people to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and exercise caution before investing time and money in any online job platform.'s broken promises and failure to deliver on their commitment of payment highlight the importance of being cautious and vigilant when engaging in online job opportunities. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stay informed, research extensively, and consult trustworthy sources to safeguard yourself from potential scams. Together, we can create a safer online environment and protect others from falling into the same traps.


My Conclusion

The unfortunate reality of scams and deceitful online platforms like serves as a reminder that we must exercise caution and discernment when venturing into the world of online job opportunities. By sharing my personal experience and warning others about the pitfalls of, I hope to empower individuals to make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to similar schemes.

Remember, it is crucial to thoroughly research any online job platform, read reviews, and seek out trusted sources of information before investing your time and money. Together, we can build a community that is vigilant, informed, and resilient against fraudulent practices.

Let us remain united in our efforts to protect one another, sharing knowledge, and raising awareness about deceptive platforms like By spreading the word and helping others avoid these scams, we can contribute to a safer online landscape, where legitimate opportunities flourish, and individuals can pursue their aspirations without fear of being taken advantage of.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and together, let's make the online job market a place of genuine opportunities and empowerment.


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