Best method for printing php to the screen

Friday, 12th July 2019

The best method to output php to the screen and the difference between them.
In php, the two methods that are used to output a readable text to the screen are pint and echo function.
In this tutorial, we will see the difference between them and when to use each every one of them.
Php echo function can be used to output anything from php to the screen ranging from a single line of text to complex statements combined together. That is to say that the php echo statement or function can be used to display anything from php to the browser including but not limited to variables, text, function return value, numbers.
Php echo statement can be called as a function echo() or just echo because php echo statement is a language constructor and not actually a function as an array statement.
echo ‘this is a sentence’; //this is the same as below
echo(‘this is a sentence’);
/*but the bellow cant work*/
array 1,2,3,4;// this will throw an error
The print statement just like echo statement can be used as an alternative base on how you so much wish
It also does exactly the same thing with echo statement an as well it’s a constructor and not actually a function. It accepts the same type of parameter as an echo.
If you have worked on other programming languages like Java, python you will observe that they use print as their mean of outputting text to the screen. So in php, you have more than one option.
The best method to output php statement on the browser screen
Having seen the two major methods that can be used to output php text to the screen the following will now answer our question, which then is the best method to use since all of them does the same thing.
In reality, there is a difference between echo and print statement but the difference are quite a bit minimal but at the same time worth considering
1. Echo can take multiple parameters whereas the print statement can only accept one argument.
2. The php echo statement is faster than the print statement.
From the above two comparisons, I do often use echo statement and it as well makes my code better since echo is mainly for php and not used in any other programming language which I am working on currently.

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