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Pay After Visa Service


Municipal Area Council, FCT, Nigeria

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                                            … your mind is at rest

We have come to remedy the numerous cases of travel visa scams in
Nigeria as we believe the best way to ensure integrity and
transparency in Visa Transactions is to create a platform whereby
overseas travelers only pay after the agreed visa service has been
done and verified.
Moreso, we believe that the two most important documents required for
most visa applications are :
a)      Invitation Letter (Business Invitation preferable)
b)      Bank Statement (Well operated one)

 Invitation Letter (Business Invitation preferable):  It is a known
fact that every country wants their economy to develop, so a company
business invitation is always highly honoured by any embassy. With the
support from our international  partners, we can get you certified
company  invitation that is verifiable and as our name indicates , you
Pay only when the Visa Service(Invitation Letter) is done.

Bank Statement (Well operated one): It is now crystal clear that a
Bank Statement is a vital requirement by 95% of global embassies hence
the need to ensure you get a well operated bank statement with a
moderate closing balance . We can achieve this by either boosting you
regular bank account or by getting you a ‘wealthy company sponsorship
or both’ and as our name indicates , you Pay only when the Visa
Service(Bank Statement)  is done.

Contact us today: 080-35556695 or 081-21268669

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October 14, 2021



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