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15th Apr, 2023

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Usually, we normally start the beginning of a year with new year resolutions which often results to trying out new methods in our business while others venture into another business with last year's savings.

In this, we are aspiring to get a greener pasture.

Unlike as it usually is,

If you lack in any of these skills you should endeavour to take hold of it and master it. With these skills, you can make the quality of what you bring to your audience to be intimidating and by so doing you will always get them hooked to your offers...

These skills will aid you to stand out on social media this year and beyond.

This is because while most people are going from one oyibo and Chinese website to another trying to outsource products, it's entirely not what a beginner who doesn't have much savings can successfully venture into.

These skills are

  1. Graphics Design: If mastering Canva alone is all you can manage to do even with your mobile phone, it is more than enough. From there you will know the value of graphics and you fire down.
  2. Video Editing: You don't need to be a perfect animator. If all you can do is just cut and join with moviavi, Camtasia or Simple Movie Maker. It's still a perfect start.
    Current stats on social media and user engagement suggests that by 2024, 88% of mobile data will be spent on watching videos alone. If you just come to social media to play and joke you should not joke with these statistics.
  3. Audio Editing: This is for those who want to do podcasting or those who want to create audio products. Audacity is a great choice and it's free to use. I currently use it when I have audio to retouch, though I'm not much into audio podcasts.
  4. Website Design: As my current profession I can tell you that you have lots of gold to mine here if you dive deeper into it.
    But in the same vein if you are just starting and want your business to be online at a little or no extra cost then with a tool like Wix.com everybody is a web designer. Just imagine how you would feel knowing that you can handle these things yourself this year 2023. While your competitors are fighting with all these logistics, you keep putting out quality content and giving them distance. You'll be a superhero.

Now here are a few complementary tools to help you kick-start your online skill in 2023:

  • Remove bg: Helps you instantly and easily remove backgrounds from pictures
  • Pixabay.com: Free high-quality images to make your Canva designs more exciting
  • Audiojungle.net: This one is paid though. This is where you can get high-quality soundtracks that would make people wonder if your audio is produced in heaven.
  • Inshot: This is a mobile app I use to edit (cut and join) videos when I don't have access to my laptop. There's a free version, but if you don't want to allow 'Powered by Inshot' on your video, the paid version will be good for you.

The Online journey is unlimited just as i fancy the skills mentioned above, You might have something better than that to you, so if you feel like you have that opportunity that is not mentioned feel free to mention it in the comment below for others to learn from you

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