20 AI tools that can replace your hard work

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13th Jun, 2023

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Unleash the power of AI with these mind-blowing tools that can revolutionize your work process. From converting prompts into visually stunning mind maps to effortlessly generating professional slide decks from text, these AI tools are designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. Code as You Meant It helps you write impeccable code, while Better Research streamlines your research process. Build chatbots, create blogs from scratch, and optimize your SEO articles effortlessly. With AI-powered tools at your disposal, you can take your work to new heights and stay ahead in the digital landscape. Embrace the future of technology and unlock your true potential with these game-changing AI tools.

These are the list of AI tools that can easily replace what you are currently doing

1. Prompt to mind map - http://Gitmind.com

2. Text to slides - http://Decktopus.com

3. Code as you meant it - http://Codium.ai

4. Better Research - http://Betterresearch.com

5. Build a chatbot for any website - http://Chatbase.co

6. Make React 70% faster - http://Million.dev

7. AI Newsletter - http://Eyishazyer.com

8. AI Notetaking - http://Fathom.video

9. Never Miss a Job - http://Jobsend.fyi

10. Exam teacher - http://Study.aceflow.org

11. Generate a Blog From Scratch - http://Simulai.co

12. Create submagic videos - http://Submagic.co

13. Free Midjourney - http://Lexica.art

14. AI Workspace - http://Krater.ai

15. Create like a pro - http://Roughly.app

16. SEO articles expert - http://Trolly.ai

17. Most popular tweets - http://Twemex.app

18. Animated AI Videos - http://Heygen.com

19. Digital ads expert - http://Magicbrief.com

20. Less overpaying.More traveling - http://Going.com

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