2 Great and easy business startup idea for any Nigerian

Sunday, 28th July 2019

Formerly I wrote an article on how to make money online which I believe that anyone who goes through the article would by now have made some bucks online. Because in the article I highlighted all the things that I do online and never kept any secrete so that even a newbie can wake up and after reading all I have written should be able to immediately start something good online that will fetch him money legally.

This article was prompted to be written after I organize a WhatsApp lesson for my new students who have been online but have yet to find what they can do to be able to earn at least a cent into their bank account. Most of them do complain that the only problem that they have is income to start and some do complain of not being able to find a legit business they can do comfortable online.

This two problems thereby prompted me to go ahead and clarify it so that anyone who is facing similar issues will be able to get hold of something good from today and start a good business online.

Before anyone thinks about starting a good business online he should first consider some of the business ideas that will give him a good start because this is where most people get it all wrong by venturing into any kind of business available at their disposal and later end up not getting actually what they want.

Knowing the best business idea that will perfectly suit your start is good so that you will be able to consider the following

  • Start-up capital
  • How you can make your first profit
  • Business niche
  • The perfect season for the business
  • And last but not the least your targeted audience.

After you have checked yourself on all the above key points based on the business idea you chose to go with you will be on a smooth ground to excelling in the business. In the next section, we will be looking at two business ideas that anyone in Nigeria can pick up and start and be able to scale higher in a reasonable time.

Two business ideas to do online with little capital.

As I said at the beginning of this article that the purpose of this business article is to solve the two major problems my students encountered in their quest to start a business online I will first give out two business ideas that will suit anyone with such issues and after that we will discuss on how to implement these ideas.



These two business ideas thrive well in Nigeria and behold you need little capital to start and you will make legit and plenty of money just working online at the comfort of your home.

From the two ideas suggested the former seems most fast and quick to start with plenty of returns. So let us now analyze the two business suggestions and see the things needed before someone will be able to get his hand on any of them.


Mini importation is simply buying goods at a cheap from another country and importing it to your own country where you will sell it at a higher rate. The profit you make from it is the energy behind the business.

Mini Importation business is one of the fastest-growing business you can get involved at the convenience of your home.

Mini importation business involves little Startup Capital and gives you the opportunity of attending to other business, therefore, you can do this business along with any other forms of business.
Read more on mini importation to get the full details of how you can start it in Nigeria.



Mini importation is a business that does need too much start-up capital if you follow the right mentor.

A lot of people has asked me so many times to tell them how much least is needed for them to start importing goods from china. After I asked them how much they think can be good to start some do day 50k, some 70k, someone even told me that the amount must be up to 75k. But guess what? I started my mini importation business with 12k with both shipping cost.  It was 12k that I used to start my mini importation and after I sold some of the products I got my 12 k back. This happened when I was still a student and I believe that as I can do it anyone can do it.

It never stopped me from studying my book and other of my side hustles then.

My friend who also started in the same period with me used 11k to start Mini Importation and I won’t lie, he became more successful than I could ever imagine.

In mini importation, you can be able to see and believe real where someone will buy something for 5.6 yuan and he will sale it at a whopping price of #2000.

Let us do the calculation as for now, 1 yuan is #56.

Let's say you buy this product 20pcs

25*56*5.6 = #7,840.

Now lest say you use #5,000 for the shipping to your house.

Everything will now total up to #12,840.

This will be your total expenses on the market.

Let's say for instance you sell each product for #2,000 ( this is just a little estimation because you will seel each product from 3k and above) you will have a total of #50,000 and removing #12,840 from #50,000 you will have pure #37,160 as your profit.

Now you have seen that you just need a very small capital to do this mini importation business.

How you can make your first profit: ordering the product is not where everything ends. You have to be able to sell it before you can make your first profit. This stage is clear and it just needs you to be able to showcase what you are selling either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp status and so on. This was actually how I used to sell when I started newly beside I was in school then and some of my friends do help me to advertise so I was able to close many deals.

If you have enough money you can triple your sales y running facebook add.

There was one of my friends then, this guy is very rich so when I introduced him to this business he was so happy and to my amazement he ordered a hot product worth 50k. the next he did was to run targeted facebook add through my help and after the add he was able to sell all those products at a crazy profit margin of 300%. He spent a total of 30k on the add. When he finishes selling and delivering everything he made a total of #200,000. this is a total profit of 120k with just 50k. but you must understand the market before you begin to import in higher quantity. You also have to know hot selling product and what to import otherwise you may end up not making sales as you expect.

Business niche

This is your area of specialization in business. But one good thing in mini importation is that even if you chose a niche if along the day you discover a new product that is very hot in the market you are free to test that product. One good thing you have to do to yourself is to be honest and ensure that you supply your customers with good products and not inferior ones. This will make you toe trusted and will not destroy your name online.

If you chose a good niche and you got good trust from your customers it will be very good, because one good customer review may worth more than thousands of gain if you want to stay long in online business and maintain a good name.

The perfect season for each business

In mini importation business, you must be considerate of the season to import any type of product. This season is in terms of what is trending at that time and having an eye on trends is one thing that has helped me in this mini importation business. As you can remember when Gucci reign most of us who imported a product with Gucci brands sold very well just like other products.

 Also, some products don't depend on the season such as beauty and healthy product.  This is because people can go to any height to keep themselves fit and look good so beauty and health keep thriving all the time.

Your audience: this is the most vital thing in every business. It is also called KYC (know your customers). This will give you the knowledge of what and what product they use, their age bracket, their location, and as well how you are going to do to keep them coming back.

This is just a brief introduction to one of the business you can start with little capital and make good profit in Nigeria. If you want to know about mini importation business in details check out our detailed guide on how to import product from China.


This type of business idea goes a long way more than just ordinary business. It involves the process where you have to start with learning any programing language that will suit the application you want to create.

We all know that we live in the digital world where every business needs a website to maintain a name online and as well make sales. So it is very lucrative for those who have had the skill of creating websites and applications for the quit number of companies who goes online daily. Not only will you earn money by creating new websites for clients, those who theirs is outdated also pay huge amount of money for maintenance du to the unending changes that happen occasionally.

As a beginner, you can start creating websites with platforms such as WordPress and as time goes on learn some of the programming languages that you will need to make personalized websites which will give you the chance to create custom

  • Shopping carts
  • Product pages
  • Sales funnels
  • Video blogs
  • Galleries
  • Blogs
  • Services pages
  • Feedback forms
  • Etc.

On the same hand, you will also learn how to design android, desktop and ios applications which will as well open a lot of avenues to you with an unlimited source of income.

Nevertheless, this business idea is not recommended for those who want to make money quickly due to the learning curve but the fact is that then the result of it is cool and enjoyable.

Analysis of web development and app development.

Startup capital: as a Nigerian who wants to start programming and make plenty of money from it. The startup capital is not ganna be too much but depending on which route you take.

  • The first approach will be by handling it all alone: this involves going to take free tutorials from youtube and google without having a specific mentor. This kind of approach will be cost-effective if you don’t want to spend money but along the way, you will waste too much time researching what a teacher will just explain to you with a quick example.

Let's say for instance you are following a free lesson on youtube or google and you encounter an error on the code you will two option either to go and research about it or to leave a comment and wait for the author of the content to give you a reply. These are some of the reason free plan do take a long time to complete and at the same time you will be the one to promote yourself unlike when  you have a mentor who already has a lot of companies he can register you with such that you will be able to get noticed quickly

  • Paid plan: this approach is recommended though it may seem bit expensive the learning curve will be drastically reduced provided you got a good teacher and you are serious to complete the course in a short time.

So the cost of becoming a programmer is absolutely in your hands and you don’t have anything to doubt much if you are such a person who fancies programming just like me.


How to make your first profit: as we developer or application developer you have a lot of openings to work and earn massively at the comfort of your home. Just like me, I have been working as a web developer for clients since 2018 and currently, I have some companies who employ me to maintain their website for security upgrades and user-friendliness as time goes on.

Also a web developer there you can design a single website and sell to multiple clients at a very big amount and that does not end there you will be paid for the very easy maintenance.

Business niche  

I'm a web developer and I can assure you that every business niche that runs online needs your service.  The major thing you have to do to cover a lot of niches is to try as much as you can to work on lots of projects which you can present to your first clients and from there you will be getting to work for anyone.

The perfect season for the business

his type of business or service is always available all the time but to say that time is perfect for this is not what I know because you got to work from the season and out of season.


Your audience is any mainly business starters and those who are already into business as long as the business online visibility.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have enjoyed what you have read. Read more on how to make 100k monthly using Facebook.


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