10 Best free platforms to market your products online in Nigeria

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28th Jul, 2019

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Marketing is the only thing that gives life to any business. The failure to market any product will eventually result in no sales. Imagine for instance the case whereby a lot of Nigerians sales things online but some do not know the appropriate marketing channel to get their products across to their prospects, this case will also result to no sales.

Thank God for the Internet. With the appropriate information, you can quickly actualize your dream by posting whatever you have for sale on the best marketing website that will do the advertising jobs for you all for free.

This is because, to have high sales figures, every business person must bring information about his products or services to the maximum number of potential buyers. This a times do require money but not always, as in this article we have picked out 10 must use classified websites and two bonus tip that are free and rewarding.

Classified listening sites in Nigeria provide an excellent medium to advertise on the Internet for free. This article shows you the top 10 websites that you will advertise your products all for free and get a massive increase in customers.

An excellent marketing strategy is better than a good product. Don’t get me wrong here. A good product put you ahead of competitors but that can only be possible if they know about your product.

The platforms listed here are driving huge traffics so you could leverage on them to advertise your business.

1. worldtok.com

Worldtok.com is a new classified website in Nigeria but which is already gaining popularity. It has a good user interface and anyone can quickly register and start selling without needing anyone to direct you. You only need to search for the product you are looking for and make an offer to the seller while you then begin chatting with your customer.

2. Jiji.ng

This is a rapidly growing online platform for selling of product. Jiji is preferred by many people due to its simplicity ease of use. You do not have to too much time and effort to understand how to upload your product or find the right product. Everything is very easy to use.

3. OLX Nigeria

www.olx.com.ng is one of the best buying and selling sites in Nigeria. According to reports, OLX has the highest number of classifieds on its platform.

4. Tradestable.com

Like Worldtok.com, this website is one of the leading ones in Nigeria. You can choose what state you want to buy or sell your product. And you can immediately start selling.

5. Mobofree Nigeria

This portal has been around for a long time. There are a lot of regular and new users. The site provides information about the thousands of products catalogued according to categories. You only need a few minutes to find the right goods and then make an offer to the seller.

6. Ady.ng

Ady.ng continues to attract new buyers and sellers. The site has several services for classified ads and business proposals. This project is worth a closer look because it has excellent prospects in Nigeria.

7. Cheki.com

This site specialists on cars. If you want to sell your vehicle or buy a new one, place an advertisement here. Before long, you will find the right person and even conclude a profitable deal.

The portal is very responsive and convenient. For a quick search, you may specify the car type, price, and other data.

8. Efritin.com

This is another good platform where buyers and seller come together to make good deals and as well have a good business relationship. It worth trying.

9. Adverture.net

Everything you need can be found here. Not only can you buy and sell goods but you can also order food in restaurants, call a taxi, and use many other services.

10. Anunico.com.ng

As a free classified site, this one is not only popular in Nigeria but beyond as well. You can buy, sell, find job, vehicles, properties for rent, find necessary services and so much more.

Now that you have seen them all feel free to try them and if you have had any kind of experience with any of the above-listed website please feel free to share it in the comment box below.

Also is there are any website worth adding to the list please do suggest to us so that we can add it the list

Bonus TIP
The following two options worth trying out and they have proven to be a good source of the traffic to me in some time past when I used it. So feel free to try it out and share your experience with us.

1. Nigerian online forum: Forum websites such as, http://nairaland.com/,  http://hottestgist.com is an excellent place where you can construct a good topic regarding what you sell and as well people looking for that online will be able to find you quickly. ,

2. Nigeria Business directories:
Business directories websites such as  



is also a good place where one can register and list their business for free and you will be able to market your products.
Now go and start practising all these if you have not been using them but if you have been using them, and know some more other free ways to promote one's business online please do share with us in the comment section below.
Final Thoughts
Generating sales online is a highly competitive space and the only way to rise rapidly is to use nifty online marketing channels like the ones mentioned above.

Form free promotions and their ability to run sponsored adds on different social media, these websites will help you create a successful height on selling your products online.

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